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Sari Helin @BadMother

Viking Ambassador

Sari Helin is the owner of Huono Äiti company, one of the leading social media communities in Finland, hugely popular within Finnish women from ages 25 to 54, and especially mothers. Huono Äiti, roughly translated to ‘Bad Mom’, is a community build to offer witty, humor ladden, positive posts that are easy to relate to. Before establishing the highly successful Huono Äiti, Sari worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company both as a presenter and a reporter for TV Channel 1 news & current affairs programmes. Sari has also authored five books and her columns have been published in several Finnish weeklies. 

Sari relaxes by spending time in the nature, and this picture with the family dog Pluto, is taken at her summer cabin in Heinävesi, Finland.

Sari & Viking

Sari was introduced to Viking Footwear by being a mother herself and needing quality footwear for her children. After being impressed by the high quality and durability of Childrens Viking Footwear, she tried a pair for herself too. Now, after many favorite pairs of shoes, Sari is proud to be a Viking Footwear ambassador. Viking Footwear is a brand that Sari trusts and values highly, from experience.

Bad Mother Finland Sari Helin Viking Ambassador