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Sofia Bursjöö

Viking Ambassador

Sofia Bursjöö is a Swedish personal trainer who want to inspire people to work out more outdoors. She does this through her blog and by being present on different workout events. Sofia lives in the Swedish mountain village Åre with her husband and two children. Running, hiking, bike riding as well as skiing she combines with everyday life.

Identifies with Viking's brand values

Sofia says she chose to be a brand ambassador for Viking Footwear not only because of the high quality shoes but also because she shares and identifies with our with brand values.

Visit Sofia's website here.

Sofia Bursjöö Viking Ambassador

Sofia's favorites:

Apex II Boa GTX W: I use these shoes almost every day as they go perfectly with my active lifestyle. Apex are perfect for a run in terrain as well as when I am out, doing errands. The shoes are simple to take on and off and sits well on the foot regardless of me running or just bringing the children to school. A running shoe that also works well in everyday life in other words!

Apex II Boa GTX W

Rask GTX WI host hiking-weekends and spend a lot of time in the mountains. Rask is very suitable on my day trips as well as longer trips. Rask is a lightweight hiking shoe with good grip that can withstand both mud and water. During the wintertime, I use Rask with spikes, that way I can easily go up steep slopes. Rask a lightweight super shoe that I really recommend!

Rask GTX W