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Girl wearing Viking Alvdal with Gore-Tex and reflex. Standing confident in the yard

Get ready for a new season!

Get ready for a good start! We know, that after a long summer vacation, it makes a difference to have all the right gear ready for a new season! Either it's going back to kindergarten, school or just back to work. Here you will find shoes and rubber boots the kids will need for late summer days and early autumn activities.  

Three types of shoes you will need going back to kindergarten & school

We've made it easy for you to choose! Below you will find our three recommended styles that will get ready for a new season in kindergarten & school. 

Our selection of recommended shoes are all:

 waterproof with GORE-TEX membrane

 machine washable at 30°C

 with reflective elements

1. Low Cut Shoes

Firstly, you will need low, yet durable and waterproof shoes for days with changing temperatures.

Alvdal R GTX

Visible with reflex!
Alvdal R GTX is a waterproof shoe for kids with highly reflective upper material, keeping them visible.

4 colors available.
EUR 84,95

Evanger Low GTX

Durable news 
Evanger Low GTX has a GORE-TEX membrane that will keep the kid's feet dry and comfortable.

2 colors available.
EUR 89,95

Exterminator GTX

Tough all-round sneaker
Exterminator GTX is a durable sneaker, perfect for all playing conditions. A go-to choice for school children.

3 colors available.

2. Mid Cut Shoes

Second, mid-cut shoes for in between seasons are must when the temperature drops. 

Alvdal Mid R GTX Dark Pink Violet

Visible with reflex - stay safe!
Alvdal Mid R GTX has a reflective material in the entire upper. It is also waterproof with GORE-TEX.

4 colors available.
EUR 89,95

Veme Mid GTX

Perfect between seasons
Veme Mid GTX is a light mid-cut shoe with GORE-TEX and is perfect when entering a new season.

4 colors available.
EUR 89,95

Evanger Mid GTX

Perfect for kindergarten
Evanger Mid GTX is an allround and durable kid's shoe. Waterproof with GORE-TEX.

6 colors available.
EUR 99,95

3. Rubber Boots

Finally, a pair of kids rubber boots will be your life savior for the rainy fall days. All of Vikings rubber boots are made of natural rubber.

Solan Neo

Neoprene boot
Meet Solan Neo. Made of natural rubber and neoprene, which is a soft and comfortable warm material.

2 colors available.
EUR 49,95

Jolly Best in test rubber boot

Best in Test Rubber Boot
Jolly has won Best in Test several times, and is a durable retro looking rubber boot for kids.

5 colors available.
EUR 36,95


Rubber boot for the little ones
Alv is made of natural rubber and is available down to size 19. The gusset prevents rain from getting in.

4 colors available.
EUR 34,95

Evanger Mid GTX in black @tonjeoglinnea

Evanger Mid GTX in black - close up@tonjeoglinnea

Jolly Big Rabbit in pink - girl@twingirls_mamma

Jolly big rabbit rubber boots at the beach@twingirls_mamma

Girl wearing Jolly Big Rabbit rubber boots pink@edituotoja

Girl playing in the play yard with Viking Veme Mid shoes@andreaarentz

Girl wearing yellow Alv Rubber boots@VikingOutdoorFootwear

Boy pleaying with sheeps and wearing Viking@vestlandsberte

Boy running in Viking shoes@andrealovisee

Pink Veme Mid GTX@tonjeoglinnea

Viking Alvdal in lilac@VikingOutdoorFootwear

Viking Alv green rubber boots@VikingOutdoorFootwear