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Viking Boa Fit System Closing Mechanism

The Boa Fit System

The Boa Fit System from Boa makes shoe laces obsolete. Viking uses Boa Fit System on selected performance styles for adults and kids. The High Performance fit system is built for performance, delivering fast, effortless, precision fit. You are guaranteed a carefree hike or walk without laces untangling.

Fit for adventure

Enjoying the outdoors you don't want to be bothered with details like tying your shoe laces. With the ingenious Boa Fit System you will experience multiple benefits that make you an instant fan. This is why Viking uses Boa Fit System on selected styles in the performance collection and also in the collection for kids.



The pressure applied with Boa Fit System is even and gives high comfort. In high activity, we know that feet have a tendency to expand so you can release pressure instantly or adjust the laces to an individual fit. Of course, the laces do not untie. Enjoy these benefits:

  • Connected
  • Fast
  • Micro-adjustability
  • Durable


The lace in Boa Fit System is highly durable: Seven strands of ultra-thin aircraft grade stainless steel laces make up the core. The core is surrounded by 12 individual laces of aircraft grade stainless steel to create a highly strong and long lasting lace. The entire lace is coated by a specially engineered low friction polymer.



Boa Guranatee on dials and laces

The Boa Guranatee

The Boa Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated.


Did you break a dial or lace? Contact us by email to redeem The Boa Guarantee or get a repair kit. Your email should also include:

  • A picture of your shoes, so that we easier can identify which dial or lace you need.
  • Your full name and delivery address for the new parts.

For videos on how to repair you Boa dials and laces, visit the Boa Repair Page.