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Easy to Wear, Easy to Love

Practically perfect lightweight boots, ideal for any weather that may come your way! Stay outside even longer and let the snowball fly with boots made to handle it all. Warm lined insulated boots keep kids outside longer.

Let’s Test The Limits

Conquer slushy streets and snowy sidewalks with Slush! Slush is made of TPR which is s a flexible, lightweight material with high traction that adapts to shifting temperatures. Perfect for changing seasons and all-day play!

PU Winter Boots -What is PU?

Lightweight Elastopan® or PU – is used to create practical lightweight boots, ideal for any snow, slush, or puddles that may come your way!  Waterproof,  breathable technology and abrasion-resistant hard-wearing construction give your boots everything they need for the harsh winter ahead!

Explore our Thermo Boots

Can’t choose, let us help you!

Temperature makes a big difference in comfort. Check out the chart below to understand what boot is the right boot for your child.

Warm and Cosy!

Practical lightweight boots, with a cosy warm lining ideal for any slush or puddles that may come your way! The cuff with a snap-lock can be closed to prevent any rain from getting in.

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