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Exploring Winter Wonderlands

Explore the magic of a fresh snowfall with boots that provide versatile winter protection and unbeatable insulation for the coldest days.

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The Ultimate Winter Boot

Created for the coldest days, get outside and test the limits with versatile cold-weather protection and comfort from Viking

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Ready, Set, Go!

Easy-in and Easy-out winter boots are perfect for parents on the go, and do-it-yourself-kids! Discover Espo Boa for quick transitions and a comfortable fit that everyone will love

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A Boot for Every Activity

Kid tested, parent-approved and better than ever before—plus they’re comfy straight out of the box!
Explore the most trusted brand for kids winter boots and get them started on their biggest winter adventures.

Let's stay warm

Classic winter boots, modern technology

Step up and step out, go anywhere and do anything in these juniors’ Viking winter boots! Conquer last-minute plans, busy days and nonstop adventures with a clean classic look, and modern detailing to keep them looking their best.

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