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My First Shoe

Your Kids First Adventure

As a parent, you want to give your child every chance of successfully finding their footing in the world. That is why we have specifically designed a new collection to help babies and toddlers take those first, shaky steps with confidence.

The Collection

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Benefits of Viking My First Shoe Collection

  • The feet of kids learning to walk are still developing daily and the task of learning to walk demands great flexibility.
  • The sole in this new collection is ultralight and flexible allowing for easy natural movement, as kids chubby feet twist, bend and stumble along their first adventures.
  • This flexibility in the sole encourages natural strengthening at this crucial stage, when their feet are still chubby, with their arches and achilles not yet developed. The sole is grippy and textured, to ensure that little ones feel grounded whilst they explore their new territories, minimising the risk of slipping. This also aims to ensure that, as kids take their first steps, they do it with confidence.
  • The shoes incorporate additional cushioning in the ankle area, as well as an ergonomic design, to allow for the natural movement of feet in a 360 degree direction, as well as to mould naturally to the shape of little ones’ feet.