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Go bright with reflective shoes

Go Bright! Reflective shoes for children

Shoes with reflectors is an easy way to make the children more visible in the traffic. Did you know that reflectors in movement have better visibility than reflectors that are still? Eager children's feet enhances the effect of reflectors on shoes and they work as a great supplement to reflectors on jackets and backpacks. 

All children's shoes from Viking has reflective elements. However, a selection of our fall and winter shoes for children are equipped with reflectors in the entire upper material! We like to mark these shoes with a simple "R" in the naming of the shoe, so you will easily find them. And - we have listed them below!


Kid's Highly Reflective Winter Shoes


Kid's Winter Shoe Hero R GTX

Hero R GTX is all about safety and comfort! As you can see above, when light hits Hero (left), the entire upper material lights up due to reflectors! Both in the squared pattern, which is inspired by the stars at night, and on the velcros, toe cap and heel, reflectors are dominant. 

In addtion to being highly reflective, Hero R GTX has, like the name indicates, Gore-Tex warm membran, meaning you can trust that this kid's winter shoe is both 100% waterproof and has premium insulation. The outsole is made of rubber, and has a rough pattern, which in combination provides an ultimate grip and durability.

Perhaps not so surprising after reading the above: Hero R GTX won two prestigous awards for Fall/Winter 2019/20! Firstly, the ISPO Award in the category Kids Urban Footwear, where 43 judges from 12 countries and 3 continents made the decision. And secondly the Kids Award from Scandinavian Outdoor Group, making Hero R GTX the kids shoe with the most complete performance in each specification!