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Social Responsibility


Long term partnerships

In its first decades Viking had its own factory in Askim in Norway. As international competition got tougher in the late 1960's, Viking decided to gradually move production, not just to a labor cost compatible location, but also to be closer to its raw material source, the rubber trees. 

Oddvar Berge, a Norwegian civil engineer working for Viking, used his knowhow to create a sustainable business in Malaysia, the land of the rubber plantations. Even at that stage Viking decided to work closely with local people and the set up gradually became a joint venture.

Later on, the local people took over the plant, but still kept their very special relationship with the company that had started their rubber business there. 

Since then, Viking has entered into several partnerships across Europe and Asia in order to meet the growing demand for all types of waterproof footwear.

Viking always looks at the long term relationship with our partners.

We are interested in building a sustainable business to the benefit of both parties. We both need to be able to plan ahead and to develop a partnership where both can grow together and where challenges are solved together. It might be easy for some to end a partnership and find a new partner, but this is not the way that Viking operates. 

We believe that long term partnerships allow the supplier to develop a well-trained, stable work force and to ensure a reliable production plant.

We get good quality shoes, and they get regular business they can depend on. It is a relationship to our mutual benefit. It enables the factories to do long term planning, staff training, etc. It also enables them to invest in a good working environment for their staff, since they can plan expansion and rebuilding in a systematic way.

Standards for sustainable business

Viking is member of several organizations that work with social responsibility. 
Our German subsidiary, Viking Footwear GmbH, has an ongoing relationship with TÜV Rheinland, the leading provider of technical services worldwide. 
Here we get our innovative and highly technical and products which might be environmentally sensitive, tested – products like our PU (polyurethane) boots. 
A product with the TÜV stamp is certified hazard free for both the environment and people using it. All our products have passed with flying colours.

Der Grüne Punkt

Viking is a Green Dot member and thereby financially supports the collecting, sorting and recovering of packaging.

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct delivers a framework for business between partners.
The Content of Viking's Code is based on guidelines provided by: 

  • ILO: International Labour Organization (
  • UN's Declaration of Human Rights
  • UN's Convention on the Rights of Children
  • Local National Guidelines

Viking signs the Code of Conduct with all our key partners. 
Here you can read (download) Vikings Code of Conduct.

Initiative of Ethical Trade

Viking is a member of the Initiative of Ethical Trade (IEH in Norway). Through the guidelines provided by IEH, Viking has access to a center of competence which handles questions linked to Ethical Trade and also gets frequent updates on developments on business matters concerning the supply chain. 

Each year Viking reports on its business activities in the Far East and its actions, according to IEH's guidelines. The report is a public document and accessible on IEH's website. IEH comments on the report with relevant remarks or suggestions for improvement. They also offer training for Asian Partners in Ethical Trade. Viking has taken part in this training with its partners in China. 

Location of production facilities

Currently several shoe producers work with Viking Outdoor Footwear AS. Here is a list of the factories:

  • Rekord s.r.l., Romania
  • Zhejiang Taiyuan Shoes Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Ningbo Pioneer Protective Equipment Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Hangzhou Jinhu Shoes Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Wuhu Fengxue Rubber Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Fujian Qibu Children’ s Product Co. Ltd., Kina
  • Fujian Jinjiang Huafeng Shoes Co. Ltd., Kina
  • Quan Zhou RongSheng Shoes Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Quan Zhou Libaijia Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Qiangxing Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Sansd (Fujian) Plastic Co., Ltd., Kina
  • Phu Tho JIim Brother's Corporation Ltd., Vietnam
  • Dong Anh Footwear Jointstock Company Ltd., Vietnam
  • Haksan Vi Na Co., Ltd., Vietnam
  • Thanh Thuy Shoes Co. Ltd., Vietnam