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At Viking, we believe that great things can happen when people join together to pursue a common purpose. We actively seek like-minded partners, and since 1992 Viking and GORE-TEX have been working together to upgrade your adventures and empower you to pursue whatever it is that keeps you moving.

Viking has always worked with the mission of enabling an active outdoor lifestyle, with a core goal of providing reliable and durable waterproof footwear. When Viking launched its first GORE-TEX products in the mid-90s, it was one of the first companies worldwide to incorporate GORE-TEX technology into footwear. It was an immediate success, and the rest is history!

How GORE-TEX works

Each square inch of the extremely thin GORE-TEX membrane (about 0.01mm) has9 billion pores, each 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water. Simply said, water can’t get it! These same pores are also 700 times bigger than water vapor molecules or sweat, allowing water vapor to escape when you’re working hard. This combination created the lightweight and breathable waterproof GORE-TEX membrane that is always GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ no matter how small the puddles or how big the storms.

Guaranteed to keep you dry

Performance Comfort

The GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Technology Line was created for adaptability and versatility for year-round waterproof protection in changing weather conditions and over a range of activities. GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Technology also delivers breathability to keep you comfortable during challenging trails or everyday wear. This option is ideal for moderate to cool conditions and can be found in Viking’s performance collection.

Insulated Comfort

GORE-TEX created its line of Insulated Comfort Technology membranes for extreme performance and comfort in extreme conditions. This durable and highly insulated waterproof membrane offers the best in cold weather protection without adding bulk or limiting mobility. Insulated Comfort membranes provide a combination of breathability and insulation that keeps feet comfortable and never sweaty. This option is ideal for mild to freezing conditions.

Invisible Fit

You can find this waterproof, windproof, breathable membrane seamlessly integrated into our Anaconda INV FIT GTX speed hikers.

The unique, flexible construction reduces weight and creates fewer pressure points across the foot for a comfortable fit and feel. Moisture vapour from sweat can escape easily through the porous membrane, keeping you cool and comfortable, allowing faster drying time, and keeping your footwear fresher.

Extended Comfort

GORE-TEX’s line of Extended Comfort Technology membranes is a favourite at Viking. This non-insulated option is designed to minimize heat retention and keep you dry and comfortable all day. The excellent moisture management system ensures all-day breathability and cool comfort inside the shoe. This option is ideal for moderate to warm weather and during high activity levels.

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