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    Thermo Boot Guide

    PU Winter Boots -What is PU?

    Lightweight Elastopan® or PU – is used to create practical lightweight boots, ideal for any snow, slush, or puddles that may come your way!  Waterproof,  breathable technology and abrasion-resistant hard-wearing construction give your boots everything they need for the harsh winter ahead!

    black thermo boots warm viking kids shoes waterproof

    Bestseller in new colours

    New Material with Less Impact

    Ecorox 1.0 is the first in a line-up of next-generation sustainability-focused winter footwear.

    The Ecorox design was influenced by our bestselling kid’s boots and inspired by our sustainability mission. Developed from bio-based materials using 33% renewable resources, Ecorox adds a little sustainability in every step and is a category leader for sustainability development. Ecorox 1.0. is an insulated, lightweight Thermo boot with an effortless on-and-off style that keeps little feet warm, dry, and protected.


    Our lightest thermo boot ever

    But is it really that light? Playrox weighs in at only 193 grams. The lack of weight gives the child a unique experience compared to traditional thermo boots, which although providing warmth in extreme temperatures, can feel heavy when worn during the wet seasons and in the slush.


    Developed for the coldest days of the year!

    An ultra-warm wool blend lining helps keep small feet insulated and warm down to -20 °with the help of the lightweight and insulating Elastopan outer body. An elastic band around the cuff helps lock in heat and keeps snow and debris out! An extra thick PU sole grips the ground with robust lugs and keeps plenty of space between the feet and the frozen ground.

    Frost Fighter

    Rain, slush, snow and mud!

    Conquer them all with this versatile, all-weather rubber boot that was built for unpredictable weather. Slush features an insulating neoprene liner and lightweight TPR neoprene shaft: the lower portion of the boot is made of durable, reinforced rubber. A grippy rubber outsole features a unique tread pattern that continues up the sides, providing extra lateral traction when side-stepping up snowy or muddy slopes.


    Warmlined Rubber Boots

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