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Stability and Response

Let’s run and jump! A good kids’ shoe is designed with the movement and behaviour of a typical child in mind. Growing kids move up, over, under and through all types of terrain all the time, and need a shoe construction that can respond to virtually any circumstance and support them as they learn about the world around them and what they themselves are capable of. The shoe has a role to play in helping support that growth.

Viking has been using natural rubber soles for much of the last century. Rubber remains supple and responsive in a broad range of temperatures and is therefore perfect for kids’ shoes throughout the seasons.

rubber boots pink viking shoes

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Natural Rubber & Durability

Let’s get into nature! Natural rubber is the pure product of the rubber tree, and benefits from natural properties of flexibility and durability compared to synthetic rubber compounds. We embrace the use of natural rubber, not just for our signature rubber boots but in hiking shoes as well as across our range. In addition to being highly resistant to wear, the natural rubber compound we use is 30% lighter than standard rubber, providing light comfort to the feet of adults and children alike.

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rubber boots kids colors rainbow viking shoes

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Inside the Results

The test was performed by Norwegian magazine ‘Parents & Children (Foreldre og Barn) and this is what the test results said: The boot has a good height and is a great fit. They are also easy to put on and pull off. During play, the boots stay on firmly. With good stability and grip, they support all kinds of play. The shaft is just the right height and combined with rain-pants they will keep your child nice and dry. This is the best boot in this test!

rubber boots kids pink viking shoes


The soles and shafts of the boots were bent in different directions and measured for resistance in order to determine the quality of their support and stability.

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The boots were put through traction tests on wet tile flooring to measure friction and to determine the value of surface contact of the outsole to the ground.

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Maintaining Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is from nature, and it responds best to cold storage and periodic treatment with silicone spray. It is best to keep natural rubber footwear away from heating sources and avoid shoe dryers, which can cause unnecessary cracks.

A grey-white coating or film may present itself on natural rubber, indicating that the raw rubber has emerged on the boot’s surface and reacted to oxygen in the air. This process is called «blooming», a sign of a high proportion of natural rubber in the boot, and can easily be fixed by treating the shoes with a silicone spray.

rubber boots kids colors rainbow viking shoes