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Standards & Policies

Our products are produced under safe, legal, and humane working conditions.


Code of Conduct

At Viking, we believe in an inclusive, safe, and non-discriminatory work environment and expect the same from our partners and suppliers. We take our commitment to lessening our environmental impact and furthering sustainable business practices seriously and continually work to ensure our commitment is reflected throughout our value chain.

Our Viking Code of Conduct illustrates the expectations we have for ourselves and those we work with. Our Code of Conduct is based on internationally recognized U.N. and ILO conventions and includes additional supplemental guidelines defined by Viking Outdoor Footwear AS that outlines a minimum standard. 

Viking aims to continuously improve policy and practice that supports suppliers in complying with this code of conduct. Download our full Code of Conduct here.


Responsible Business Conduct

At Viking, we believe in responsible business conduct that respects people, society, and the environment. We consider this to be a prerequisite for sustainable development moving into the future. We commit to working with active due diligence to respect and safeguard all stakeholders in our own business and those throughout the supply and value chain. We expect the same from all of our suppliers and partners. 

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the world’s joint action plan for sustainable development. Viking Outdoor Footwear AS continuously works to align our business practices to reflect the goals set forth by the U.N. Department of Social and Economic Affairs, Sustainable Development Committee. 

Download our full Responsible Business Conduct here.


Ethical Trade Membership

Ethical Trade Norway is a member-based resource centre and an advocate for ethical trade practices, which Viking proudly joined in 2007.

Together with the support of  Ethical Trade Norway and other sustainability-focused businesses, Viking remains committed to responsible and sustainable business practices.

Through this, Viking commits to report on the challenges we face annually and the implemented measures to deal with these challenges. This report is publicly available and can be found here.


Green Dot Membership

Green Dot plc is a sustainability-focused membership-driven non-profit responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector. Through Green Dot, members help create a more resource-efficient and sustainable society with a focus on circular solutions. 

Through Green Dot, Viking reports the import of packaging and pays packaging fees. The fees, in turn, support the collection, return, and recycling of cardboard, paper, and plastic according to the requirements set by the authorities. 

Learn more about Green Dot here.

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