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Jolly Best in test Boot - natural rubber


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Viking knows rubber. We have been working with it since 1920. Our rubber boots and outer soles are made of natural rubber which is the most durable and flexible material. It is the best.

All hand made

A rubber boot may look simple, but it has been through a complicated process. Viking Footwear has been making rubber boots for several decades and still today, it is an intricate process. Some models consist of up to 40 parts. Natural rubber can be moulded with various compounds to provide specific characteristics. By the time a rubber boot reaches the stores it will have been through more than 50 different operations. All our rubber boots are assembled by hand.


Our focus has always been to deliver the best quality rubber boots, incorporating:

  • Stability
  • Cushioning
  • Grip
  • Fitting

Natural material

Hevea brasiliensis is the Latin name for the rubber tree. Its magnificent properties have been known since the early 1700s, but it was the discovery of the vulcanization procedure (1839) that led to commercial cultivation and harvesting of the rubber tree. Natural rubber is the sap from the rubber tree, and is harvested by making incisions in the bark. In liquid form, natural rubber is also known as latex. For Viking, this is the starting point for a journey from sap to hand made rubber boots.

Lightweight Rubber

Viking has created a unique rubber blend to decrease the boots weight with up to 30%. Natural rubber is combined with a less dens material and is processed in the same manner as standard rubber boots. All the beneficial features are kept.

Why is there a white deposit on rubber boots? 

Viking rubber boots are made of natural rubber. During the production process various additives are mixed together with the rubber to get Vikings unique rubber compound. The boots consist of many pieces and are built by hand. The built boot undergoes a process where all pieces melt together and the result is a whole boot. In some rare cases a chemical reaction makes a white powder rise to the surface of the boot.

This is called "blooming" and mostly occurs once the boot is exposed to air and light. "Blooming" does not reduce the quality or the durability of the boots. As the matter of fact it just shows that the boots are made of natural rubber. 

When you discover this white powder or white/grey spots on your boots we recommend you simply use Vikings rubber boot care spray or a silicone spray/sponge to restore its normal surface and color. At the same time you avoid the rubber in the boot from drying out and cracking.

In case the "blooming" does not disappear after several treatments you are welcome to take a picture of the boot(s) and contact our customer service with the issue or your local dealer if you have bought the boots in a store.

Please remember to always store your boots in a dry and dark room to enhance their lifetime.