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What characterises a good kid’s shoe?

Inside climate

A good foot climate is essential for avoiding blistering and creating comfort for your child. Buying the right footwear for the right season is therefore key. Footwear that doesn’t breathe nor address moisture management should be avoided.

green sneaker goretex velcro kids shoes reflective waterproof
green sneaker goretex velcro kids shoes reflective waterproof
Good support

The only place the shoe is supposed to be completely stiff is at the heel area. The front of the foot should have good mobility. At VIKING we follow the principle of not over supporting the child’s foot, allowing for natural movement, as well as a natural strengthening of the child’s foot and leg muscles as they grow.

Great soles

Soles in rubber with a rough pattern gives a good grip. The midsole should be in soft and cushioning materials. The sole should be soft, but in the right areas; it is supposed to be flexible underneath the ball of the foot, but at the same time be stable laterally. This you can check by twisting the sole as a wet cloth and check if it yields.

pink shoes kids waterproof goretex velcro
pink shoes kids waterproof goretex velcro

A pair of kid’s shoes are exposed for rough usage. Therefore, look for reinforcements on exposed areas such as toes, heel, heel cap, edges and closure mechanisms.

Great looks

Your child´s probably not worrying about functionality. They want the pink, the blue, the shoe that is blinking or the one with the frog on. No matter the weather conditions. At this point, you should be conscious of two things when shopping for shoes. If you make sure the shoe satisfies the operational demands, the child should be a part of the process of choosing the style. This will also contribute to removing conflicts evolving around the dressing.

blue sneaker boa kids shoes goretex waterproof
BOA laces kids shoes blue
Simple closing mechanisms

Smart constructions and closing mechanisms that are customized for the child´s age makes it easier for both the child and the parent, as well as the daycare employees. Velcro is well known, but modern mechanisms such as Boa® can simplify the dressing routines. Furthermore, something as simple as a loop can give the child a sense of achievement.

Choose the right shoe size

blue sneaker velcro kids shoes goretex waterproof

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