Clothing Collection

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The innerlayer is the layer worn closest to the skin. In our collection our innerlayer base consists of a super soft merino and soft bamboo. A match made in heaven. Both moisture wicking and non itchy. An innerlayer set that definitely keep your child warm from top to toe.

The midlayer is the inbetween layer. For our new apparel collection we have plenty of midlayer products to choose from. Making sure your little ones are super soft and warm. Fluffy fleece or light down jackets are both play-friendly and great midlayer option. Make sure this layer is flexible and leaves room for air.

The outerlayer is the top player. The layer that everyday fights the weather elements. Rain, snow or sleet; with our new apparel collection we got you covered. The playsuits offers the best insulation on the market, ensuring comfortable body temperature. Another great option is our light down jackets. A puffy warmer – an all year favorite. All of our outerlayer products will enable your child with super-power through all kind of weather.