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Our Climate Positive Journey

Everything we make and consume has an impact on our planet and its people.

Like you, we have felt a growing need to make a positive difference in our environmental impact. That’s why here at Viking, we have started our journey towards becoming a climate-positive company, and we are excited to share our commitment with you!

At Viking, this means we will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout our value chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to transportation and through product use and reuse. And focus on working together with partners to store carbon through reforestation and responsible forest management.

Our first step towards a climate-positive company was committing to becoming one. The first steps on any journey are often the most exciting, filled with optimism and the promise of adventure. It’s often the most challenging part of the route when we need to remember why we started. 

We promise to keep you in the loop as we move forwards, explore new trails and even when we stumble backward. As we launch our annual sustainability report, we invite you to join us as we share our progress and challenges. 

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Sustainability Report

Read our Sustainability Report 2020