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Let’s Make It Last

Product Use & Reuse

Producing high-quality products maximize a product’s lifespan and help us close the loop.


Quality Control

At Viking, we strive to keep our quality high and impact low. We believe that one of the best ways to reduce a product’s environmental impact is to maximize its lifespan by investing in high-grade materials, craftsmanship, and strict quality control procedures. 

We believe in competence, craftsmanship, and knowledge of quality are essential at all levels. We only work with reputable and established manufacturers, and would never risk our reputation for outstanding quality products by doing otherwise. Viking’s recipe for success is establishing relationships with partners who share in our values and standards.

Quality control starts with design, materials, and routine product and materials inspections. We review everything we make and routinely follow up with our manufacturers to guarantee every Viking product meets both our standards and yours.


Circular Design

Circularity describes a system that aims to eliminate waste and maximize the reuse of resources by designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems. In a circular economic framing, we seek to prolong the lifetime of both resources and products in a system with minimal environmental impact, this means designing for easy repair, reuse and recycling. In 2020/21 Viking, has been granted DIP funding from Design og arkitektur Norge – DOGA to develop prototypes of circular children’s shoes together with sustainability agency Reform Projects.


Product as a Service

At Viking, we are actively engaged in developing more sustainable solutions for our products and our customers. In 2019 we researched our children’s market for interest and participation in a use and reuse program. This program would allow participants to rent children’s shoes directly from Viking and return and repair them as needed. We are currently planning to launch this pilot project in Norway in 2021.

We believe that for our customers, renting shoes for their children will have a positive impact on both the environment as well as household finances. In addition to finances, it will also positively impact on time and home storage. For us, a rental solution means creating a business model that works financially and environmentally while still benefiting our customers.


Spare Parts

To extend the lifetime of our products, we believe you have the ability to repair the shoes you love.

Viking welcomes you to contact our customer service team to access our parts warehouse. Here we can help you give your old shoes new life with access to laces, stoppers, soles, eyelets, and Boa wheels. All our spare parts are offered free of charge by our customer service team, and mailed directly to you. 

At Viking, we don’t just see this as customer service or a quality guarantee– we believe in the opportunity to repair the shoes you love as a massive step in closing the product life cycle. High-quality, durable products can and should always be repaired when appropriate, resulting in using less energy, wasting less water, and creating less trash.

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